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About Us

In the autumn of 2009, a dedicated team of professionals with a passion for travel got together to form Holiday Merchants. The travel industry is tough - timelines, stiff competition, payment procedures, to name a few. And that is where we step in. Our range of services go beyond pre-planned itineraries. Apart from unique itineraries, we also specialize in plans tailor-made to suit a client's needs.

Holiday Merchants is one of the best travel agencies providing back-end solutions to travel trade partners.

Our core competence is in our excellent negotiated tariffs and quick and efficient reverts. Our dedicated staff ensure that all your queries are addressed and the best possible options are offered to you. We offer the best of global offers in destinations favoured most and also those which are not the ordinary. Excellent outbound packages, series departures, bespoke travel, FIT, Leisure, incentive travel, conference management, visa facilitation, business travel... we plan and coordinate evertything, so that you can rest assured your client is in safe hands.

At Holiday Merchants, it is our passion to make travel a pleasure.

We are truly passionate about building strong and lasting relationships. Our clients have always recommended us, and for good reason! We promise to keep tavel simple, and focus on making it a WOW experience for you and your clients!